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For centuries, Tibet has fascinated mankind. This land beyond the mighty Himalaya on the highest plateau of the world. Tibet, a land veiled in secrecy for centuries, "the roof of the world" with mystery, grandeur and over whelming sights is open to visitors. The best way to visit, Tibet is either to view the wondrous places of cultural and religious interest by taking one of our package tours starting from Kathmandu.

Tibet Autonomous Region of China Tibet Autonomous region has long been know as the "Roof of the world" offers totally different experience. It is the destination for the ultimate thrill and adventure seekers. The land veiled in secrecy, closed to the outside world for centuries. This is high time you visit Tibet and explore the secrets of this alluring destination which is now open to the world . The valley bottom of Tibet are bigger than the highest mountains else where. Its now covered plateau are the highest in the world. Apart from Everest, Which Tibetans see from the other side, many a mountain ranges are over 15000ft. We are introduced with chanting monks, stopped in prayers, the nomadic herd man of Tibetan Plateau mingle and wade through prostrating citizens as they circumnutated monasteries on their bellies while prayer flags fan the burning incense as the smoke rise towards the heaven, to God who govern by a faith compassionate to all living thing.

Since 8th Century – Tibet has been devoutly Buddhist, merging influences from Indian Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism has inspired centuries of splendid art and architecture, serving as the cornerstone of Tibet’s unique and highly developed culture.

Tibet is a great land of Beauty and mystery for tourists, mountaineers and explorers. When you step on the soil of Tibet, climb upon the world’s highest peak, put on the beautiful Tibetan dress ride the pony or Yak –"the boat of the Alpine plateau." , look at the melting of the charming pastoral songs, spend a night in nomad’s tent, taste mouthful of aromatic sweet Tibetan barley beer, drink a cup of specially flavored Yak butter tea, eat some tasty mutton, sit around blazing fire, enjoy the melodious music from the "Dannijan" the six stringed lute , bask in the romantic charm of a night on the high plateau grassland and explore on foot the mysterious, uninhabited, open spaces, the holy mountains and the scared lakes, you will have on overwhelming and intoxicating experience which will be the most unforgettable time in your life.